What’s your Profit and Production rates?

As a fully reporting public company we report our quarterly and annual financial statements with the SEC and make them available for the public.  Please reference our SEC-EDGAR filings for the current Profits and Production for the Company which will best reflect any changes.

What are your assets and where are your producing fields located?

Our current asset is the working interest in leases in the Picken's Field located in Yazoo County, Mississippi. We will update our asset information in our regular filings as we add interest in additional leases and wells.

What are your current and future development plans?

The exploration of oil and gas is a risky and unpredictable process which is limited by many factors not the least of which includes having sufficient financial and human resources to prospect and acquire assets.   Currently we are reevaluating our future oil and gas prospects since the loss of one of our key geologists who was also a major shareholder and financial resource.   We noted this change with the filing of our 8-K in November 2017.   We will continue to update our shareholders as we make progress in our future plans.