Oil and Gas Interest

About the Pickens Field
The first oil field discovered in Mississippi, the Tinsley field, is located 27 miles to the southwest of the Pickens Field. The Pickens Field was discovered six months later.
The Pickens Field is located about 35 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi, in Madison and Yazoo Counties. The field was discovered by Kingwood Oil Company in March of 1940 with the drilling of the R. E. Wilburn No.1, which is located in Section 31 of T12N-R3E, Yazoo County.  The Selma Chalk formation is the most prolific zone in the field discovered by Texaco in 1963.  We believe there is still recoverable reserves in the Selma Chalk.

We currently hold a 25% Working interest in just over 1500 acres in the Pickens Field and we believe there is potential remaining in the Selma Chalk at the Pickens Field. We hope to have new locations drilled directly on the down-thrown side of the main faults allowing a fault cut in the top 100 feet of the Chalk section. The Northwest portion of the Pickens Field, the chalk is more permeable and should have a higher than average recovery of oil in  the event we are successful in our development.


STSC's management team is lean reflecting the developmental stage of the company.  We currently have a single officer fulfilling the basic role of President, Secretary and CFO and two Board Directors .  We utilize vendors and contractors as needed to perform the balance of corporate and operational duties.  As of December 31, 2017, we had 4 part-time contractors, to pursue our business as an oil and gas exploration and development company.

James Frazier

CEO, Secretary and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Frazier, 54, is an Oil and Gas executive with over 30 years of experience with three public exploration and production companies. Mr. Frazier has experience working on projects in Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains, Texas, Canada, Venezuela, and Columbia. Mr. Frazier has managed all levels and supervised all disciplines of the industry including geological, engineering, project planning and budget, reserve, regulatory, tax, audit and legal. Mr. Frazier has successfully presented various projects to shareholders, board of directors, investors, and marketing outlets. Mr. Frazier has a proven track record in building results oriented organizations and teams, optimizing operations for increasing revenues and controlling costs. Mr. Frazier is currently an independent energy consultant based out of Oklahoma City, OK. Mr. Frazier earned his Economics degree from Fordham University and advanced certifications in Investment & Finance from the New York Institute of Finance.

S. Arne D. Graves


Mr. Greaves, 54, is the Former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company and currently serves as Board member. Since 1983, he has been working in the oil and gas industry. In May 2001, Mr. Greaves co-founded Carpathian Energy Companie Petroliera S.R.L., a Romanian oil and gas production company, and has
actively been involved the acquisition of concessions and development plans for reentries and development of new wells. Since  November 2007, he has been the President of Livingston Operating Company, LLC, a family-owned oil and gas production
company, based in Jackson, Mississippi.